February 2, 2023

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Creflo Dollar’s board says he’ll get the $65 million jet he wants because God told them so

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The board of World Changers Church International, or Creflo Dollar Ministries, founded by popular televangelist Creflo Dollar, said in a statement that the organization will acquire the luxury multimillion-dollar Gulfstream G650 jet Dollar has been asking for, the Christian Post reports.

According to the WCCI board, the luxury private jet is a necessity for its global reach.

“It is our belief that this ministry is called to serve people globally — to literally change the world according to the Great Commission — and our infrastructure and operational plan reflect the worldwide nature of that assignment,” the WCCI board said in the statement. “Our pastors share the gospel of Jesus more than 300 times per year — in churches, arenas, venues, convention centers, stadiums and other facilities across the entire planet — and are committed to aggressive travel schedules that cannot be fulfilled via any means other than private aircraft.”

“A long-range, high-speed, intercontinental jet aircraft is a tool that is necessary in order to fulfill the mission of the ministry,” the statement continued. “In light of an unfortunate accident that recently resulted in the ministry’s aircraft being declared a total loss, it is our intention to purchase another airplane at a time, place and price of our choosing,”

The board defended its choice of the luxury multimillion-dollar G650, saying “it is the best, and it is a reflection of the level of excellence at which this organization chooses to operate.”

“We, the World Changers family, so value the lives, the safety and the well-being of our pastors and leaders that we wish to provide to them the best air travel experience possible,” the WCCI board proclaimed.

In March, Dollar attempted to raise $65 million to purchase this jet through a crowdfunding campaign. The campaign, which asked the 200,000 of the Ministries’ international supporters to donate $300 each, was shut down after it had stirred up public controversy.

In lieu of the controversy, the WCCI board made it clear earlier in the statement that the decision wasn’t Dollar’s alone, but “an action of this board.”

According to the WCCI board, purchasing the luxury private jet is following “the Word of God.”

“We understand that others may interpret biblical truths differently — the freedom to worship as one chooses is a fundamental hallmark of a free society — but wish to assert our God-given right to practice what we believe,” said the statement. “This is our faith, the very basis for what we believe, and it is not necessary that we justify it.”

There is only one little problem. Since 2013, Gulfstream has only delivered about 50 of G650s annually and here is a backlog on orders for the popular luxury aircraft through the beginning of 2018, according to Gulfstream’s sales director for New Jersey, Delaware and New York, Kevin Valik.

Even getting a used G650 is unlikely to happen any time soon, Valik told the Christian Post.

This time even God might not be able to help.

Source: Creflo Dollar’s board says he’ll get the $65 million jet he wants because God told them so

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