January 27, 2023

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Hypocrisy: Americans Applaud Other Countries for Uprising, But Not Black People


Apparently, part of my job writing for Urban Intellectuals has become pointing out the rampant hypocrisy in America and from her people. There seems to be no shortage in this country, that’s for sure.

Today, I want to quickly point out how the American people and news media were 1,000% behind the Egyptians, Iranians and others who take to the street to protest, riot, and fight their oppressive governments. In fact, the American government even goes as far as to aid and arm these uprisings.

Source: Hypocrisy: Americans Applaud Other Countries for Uprising, But Not Black People

baltimore-uprisingWith the backing and interest of the American people, there are chants of freedom fighters, call for aid, assistance and some even want the American soldiers boots on the group to help them overthrow their governments and attain FREEDOM.

Ah Freedom, the American calling card for intervention around the world. Mention your freedom being jeopardized and the American people, media and government will aid a struggling people in grasping an opportunity, some equality.

However, when it comes to black people in America trying to achieve the same thing, it becomes a problem. The American government is silent in their aid. The American media is vicious in their attacks. They confuse the discussion any attempt at progress with propaganda and distraction from the core issues. And the American people call blacks thugs, juveniles and uncivilized people who only want what everyone says they want to to protect for the world, FREEDOM!

Black people are being killed at an alarming rate by the police in this country. An offense that if it were to happen in Iran, Kenya, China, or Brazil, the American people, media and government would be lined up to ensure heads roll.

However, when it comes to the oppression of black people in America, then it seems to be justified by the American people. Blacks are called thugs, dependents, viewed as leaches on the underbelly of America. The media paints a picture of a violent people that deserve the treatment they get from the police force. And the government looks the other way the entire time as they wrap themselves in the flag and false ideologies.

Black people in America are growing fed up with police brutality across the country, unfair judicial hearings that support the brutality, the media’s propaganda and the governments silence on our issues.

Something has to give, but this hypocrisy can no longer be ignored.

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