February 2, 2023

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Pig Punches Pregnant Sister In Stomach For Laughing At Him, Calls Her ‘Black B****’


A pregnant woman in Chicago says she was verbally and physically attacked by a racist police officer… and it was all caught on surveillance footage.

The footage shows the officer punching a pregnant woman in the stomach and then showing racist remarks at her.

The woman, Nicola Robinson, says that she was just an innocent bystander, not involved in anything that was going on when she passed through the 5100 block of West Washington.

That’s where she saw an officer chasing a suspected drug dealer. But the plain clothed officer was too slow to catch the suspect, causing passers by to laugh at him.

That mad the office so angry that he decided to take our his anger on a vulnerable pregnant woman.

Watch the local report below…

Robinson says this all happened while she was holding her one-year-old son.

She was trying to walk into her apartment building when the officer attacked her.

Throughout his racist rant, he told her she should be glad he didn’t beat her to the point that she would lose her baby.

Her story sounded unbelievable to many… until she got the surveillance footage from the apartment building.

After that, she says, “you could tell in his face that he knew he f***ed up.”

The beating that Robinson did sustain caused her to go into premature labor. The hospital released her later in the day after her condition stabilized.

Robinson’s sister, Monique Dickerson, was also a witness of the assault and racist rant. She says there were several other officers on the scene who did NOTHING to stop it!

For their part, the Chicago police said they don’t condone behavior like this, but they have still refrained from identifying the officer in question at this time.

(Article by S. Wooten and Reagan Ali)

Source: Pig Punches Pregnant Sister In Stomach For Laughing At Him, Calls Her ‘Black B****’

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