March 27, 2023

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Four Black Officers Held At Gunpoint by Racist Pigs Who Assumed They Were Criminals


New dashcam footage is backing up the claims of four African-American parole officers who were violently detained by local upstate New York police officers.

The police in the City of Ramapo claim that they did nothing wrong in how they handled the incident.

But the parole officers say differently. Mario Alexandre, Sheila Penister, Annette Thomas-Prince, and Samuel Washington just filed a lawsuit against the city. They say that they were terrified and feared for their lives after officer pulled them over and held them at gun point, with assault rifles pointed at them.

The footage from the dashcam video, obtained by CNN, shows a police cruiser swerve to the wrong side of the road to get to the vehicle where the four African American officers were sitting.

One officer pulls a gun on the four plaintiffs. Another blocks traffic, using his SUV.

One of the four emerges from the car with his hands up, even though he had done nothing wrong.

Five police officers were present, including ones aiming assault rifles.

Mario Alexandre explains that he was “violently assaulted” when pulled from the vehicle, and “slammed against the car.”

Watch the video below and see the footage for yourself…

Police claim they were in the right, however, because of a 911 call on the four officers, “concerned about four individuals observed in bulletproof vests in an unmarked vehicle.”

Those were in fact department-issued bulletproof vests. They also had gold badges around their neck: a common image of officer that is familiar to virtually everyone.

The officers even had an official sign placed on the dashboard that read: “State of New York – Executive Department – Division of Parole.”

That apparently wasn’t enough to identify them as police officers to the racist cops who pulled them over.

The racist officers involved in the incident were: Lt. Robert Lancia, Capt., Sgt. Margaret Sammarone, Thomas Cokely, and Suffern Sgt. Edward Dolan, according to The Journal News.


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