December 10, 2022

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Black Farmers to buy from instead of Whole Foods

While rioters took to the streets of Baltimore two weeks ago,  in protest of Freddie Gray’s death, Whole Foods – the supermarket chain specializing in organic food – were busy catering the National Guard brought into keep the “peace”. As Blavity puts it, “Whole Foods Harbor East in Baltimore took it upon themselves “to make sandwiches for the men and women keeping Baltimore safe.” But who were those men and women? Were they protestors? No. Were they the high school kids who had just been ambushed by police in riot gear who shut down all means of public transportation that would have allowed them to get home safely from school? No. Or how about the 84 percent of students in the Baltimore City Public School system who are dependent on free or reduced meals who were going to miss their meal due to school closings?” As a response, Blavity are calling upon the black community to boycott the supermarket chain and direct their money towards black farmers.
Find out where your local black farmers are by clicking HERE.\

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor

Source:Black Farmers to buy from instead of Whole Foods

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