March 23, 2023

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Leaked Video Shows North Carolina Pig Shooting Black Suspect In the Back


A new, leaked dashcam video shows a North Carolina police officer shooting an African American man in the back. No, this is not another video of Officer Michael Slager shooting Walter Scott in South Carolina.

This new video out of North Carolina is unrelated (directly, at least), but it shows a similar scenario, where officers shot a fleeing suspect in the back.

This shooting, however, took place in 2013, but the video leak has raised new questions.

The victim was 22-year-old Nijza Lamar Hagans. Hagans was gunned down by Officer Aaron Hunt, during a traffic stop, just like Walter Scott.

All of this was over an alleged running of a red light.

Cumberland County District Attorney Billy West says that Hagans was said to have “reached for a gun”.

The official police story and that of DA West, claimed that this all took place in the vehicle. There was no mention in the DA’s report or police report that Hagans was running away, or that the bullet entry wounds were from behind.

The DA refused to press charges against Hunt, as they claimed the shooting was “lawful and measured.”

The video, newly-leaked to the Intercept (see below), had never been mentioned in the prosecutor’s report, nor in the police report.

The prosecutor simply said that Hagans died of “multiple gunshot wounds to the chest.”

Watch the video below and see what really happened for yourself.

(Article by Jackson Marciana; video of Fayetteville police shooting dashcam, via Vimeo)

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