January 27, 2023

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Black News for Black People.

Afrikan Nationals Talk About Racism They Faced In India. What They Said Will Shock You

How often do you look down upon the older generation because they used to differentiate on the basis of caste and treat the lower segment of society as untouchable? That was so backward, right? But we don’t do that. Because we are progressive. We are progressive because we like certain pages on Facebook that promote equality. We are progressive because we have a friend from other caste/religion and we mention his name and the fact that we celebrate ‘his festivals’ with him, any time someone mentions racism or religion bias.

But just stop for a while, and think. Equality doesn’t end and begins on religion and cast. It goes way beyond, and covers all mankind. We still discriminate, look down upon certain races and treat them as if they are beneath us. This video by Indiatimes will tell you how.

Just take five minutes out of your lives and watch this video. It’s worth the effort if it can mould your perspective a little.


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