September 27, 2022

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12 Mainstream Corporations Benefiting from the Prison Industrial Complex


The 13th amendment abolished physically placing black people in chains and enslaving us…unless we got arresten.

Prison labor in the United States is referred to as insourcing. Under the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), employers receive a tax credit of $2,400 for every work-release inmate they employ as a reward for hiring “risky target groups.”

The workers are not only cheap labor, but they are considered easier to control. They also tend to be African-American males. Companies are free to avoid providing benefits like health insurance or sick days. They also don’t need to worry about unions, demands for vacation time, raises or family issues.

Frederick Douglass described how the widespread “convict lease system” exploited the punishment clause to subvert the noble intent of the 13th Amendment: “(States) claim to be too poor to maintain state convicts within prison walls. Hence the convicts are leased out to work for railway contractors, mining companies and those who farm large plantations. These companies assume charge of the convicts, work them as cheap labor and pay the states a handsome revenue for their labor. Nine-tenths of these convicts are negroes.” Douglass went on to note that so many blacks were behind bars because law enforcement tended to target them.

Here’s a few of our favorite slave plantations that use our people to bring us competitively cheap prices.


Wendy’s uses inmates to produce frozen foods. Inmates process beef for patties. They may also process bread, milk and chicken products.


Walmart uses inmates for manufacturing purposes. The company ”hires” inmates to clean products of UPC bar codes so that products can be resold.


Victoria Secret uses inmates to cut production costs. In South Carolina, female inmates were used to sew products. Also, inmates reportedly have been used to replace “made in” tags with “Made in USA” tags.


And the most hated phine carrier in the country, Sprint, uses inmates provide telecommunication services. Inmates are used in call centers

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